E- Magazine Applications

Digital publishing is even easier with promag digital printing-house!

Resetting your press and delivery costs and helping you transmit to hundreds of thousands for free; Prodromrealized the promag digital printing-house for your brochures, magazines, bulletins, newspapers, booklets and all other press releases which you can prepare with the best visual design.


promag is 100% compatible with all of the present devices and operating systems, makes achieving possible by eliminating the possibility of aging and deterioration and enables all issues of your publications accessible anytime.

Let us adopt your publications to the new world and you feel the privilege of disseminating them to your users through CD/DVD’s, portable USB flash disks, e-mailing systems, social networks and your corporate web sites…


While Prodrom processes your publications through promagdigital press house for publishing online for use in various environments, the only thing that is left for you is to relax and enjoy the advantages of promag technology.

Reaching Out To a Wide Audience


Through the promag digital press house product ofProdrom, you can share your digital publications including previous issues, accessible anytime on online channels such as internet, ftp and cloud. Social networks are the newly emerged strong platforms in which you can share your digital publications and distribute them towards hundreds of thousands of people through comprehensive networks such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook and empower their accessibility to your products.

Ease of use and 100% compatibility


Your digital publications would not ask for any other hardware or software for viewing; can be viewed on any operating system with PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, tablets and Android systems.

Low Cost


Hard-copy publications come up with high expenditures along with distribution delays and sometimes failure in transportation. With the promag digital press house products, you can clear away the unnecessary costs, time and accessibility issues and your publications evolve into online magazines. In addition, in time, while the hard-copy publications would face aging due to environmental conditions, your promag digital publications would last forever.

Glamorous Design


promag would reflect charming images and quality of your graphics while evolving to new digital publication level. Moreover, your users will get the classic hard-copy feeling with the convenient and functional use and audiovisual page flipping effects!

Offline Use


In addition to the features provided by the web, promagwould still give you the possibility to distribute your digital publications offline at the organizations such as fairs and exhibitions. Your digital publications may be crated as the EXE (PC) and APP (Mac) formats and can be saved on CD/DVD or USB flash disks with offline use possibilities. You may include your digital publications within your communication materials and you may present to your customers as a gift. Evolving into digital magazines with promag, your publications would run automatically with the auto start capability on CD/DVD or USB flash disks as they are plugged in. As of needed plugins are included in any offline publications’ content, your publications would work without any additional installation.