Augmented Reality Applications

Combining the real and virtual world, +proAR augmented reality applications makes your life and learning processes entertaining!

Along with the high tech +proAR augmented reality applications, Prodrom creates an interactive world by combining the real goods and objects in our world with the ones designed in the virtual environment. In other words, integrating the virtual objects in your project to the real world, +proAR unites the digital products and real life on your digital screen. The application can be used on IOS or Android processing system based mobile devices, which provides you the opportunity to use the product independent from location.


+proAR applications aims to facilitate the lives of the users by adding information or meaning to a real place or object. In this context, +proAR augmented reality applications can be used in various range. Through the +proAR augmented reality applications, Prodrom offers you integrated solutions limited to your imagination:

Municipalities: City information systems, directions to desired addresses, presentation of the services or information,

City Centers: Introduction of historic or touristic places and various other interactive screenings,

Education Centers: Accelerating the education process by combining of theory and the practice, presentation of the services like inner campus information systems.

Science Centers: Making science more enjoyable by boosting scientific awareness, especially to correlate scientists with the children and boosting the performance of thematic workshops.

Museus: Introduction of the pieces within the museum, telling more about the historical background of the piece through 3D interactive visuals or videos.

Shopping Malls: Especially in order to introduce children with the extinct creatures or space and astronauts.


Marketing and Advertising: Creation of innovative product information systems by the use of mobile devices and social media systems.

Technical Support: Description of the technical information - support regarding car service or similar complicated issues

Others: Presentation of other desired interactive services.