Application Development Solutions

proDev application development solutions introduces the real technology to your business processes!

Along with the rapid developments and transitions in business models, Prodrom offers end-to-end application solutions, aimed to reach your professional goals through sophisticated and scalable software architectures targeting the specific needs of your enterprise. Prodrom team develops modern software applications created in the light of your enterprises base processes and services, mobile applications integrated to the main software systems, business intelligence solutions capable with the competitiveness and customer needs.

Offering platform-independent development and integration services, Prodrom aims to develop specific applications that would meet your company’s special needs and could be integrated to your current system structure through proDevapplication development solutions. While you were dealing with the work process of your company, high-performance applications of proDev would accomplish the side needs of your assignments. Prodrom team aims to boost your productivity and help maximize your achievements by minimizing the risks.

boost your productivity and help maximize your achievements by minimizing the risks.

Thus, on the first step, Prodrom team preforms an interactive study to understand the needs of your company and -through the “needs analysis”- designates the work-flow for the application to be developed. Afterwards, designs, tests, and stars-up the application produced for you and serves as the sustainable support point in the future.

By the help of proDev’s tailor-made application development solutions and services produced for your needs, your company would;

- be more competitive,

- get the significant solutions meeting the characteristics of its structure,

- rapidly adopt with the changing market dynamics,

- raise the efficiency of staff and work process tracking through user-friendly applications,

- decrease the total expenditure costs…