Catch up with the level of high-performance with the Prodrom Network and Communication Structures Solutions!

Prodrom’s experienced experts offer end-to-end network and communication structures through data flow, data storage, backup and security solutions by addressing the creation of the environment which would be needed for the use of knowledge.

By means of technological advancement, almost all of the data flow is transmitted through communication network structures and this converted these structures into business platforms. 

Prodrom creates combined and integrated network structure for your company’s needs and works for the systems which would be user-friendly, expandable through needs and sheltered against disruptions.

In order to offer you the most suitable solutions and to cover the needs of your company in the changing business world; Prodrom choses the most suitable architecture and efficient management sources, then proceeds with,

- evaluation of your current network and communication structure,

- offers efficient solutions for the detected needs and your demands,

- offers the required services so as to maximize the performance of your network and communication structure,

- contributes  your work processes by lowering your operational expenditures and helps you get the optimum benefit from the IT system expenses,

- offers powerful communication systems with ease of use with flexible and practical structures…


Service and solutions that Prodrom offers concerning the network and communication structures can be summarized as follows.

Network Management Solutions and Services: 

Prodrom offers integrated structural network solutions which will meet all your data-communication needs such as;

- network analysis, establishment, watching and managing solutions,

- network security services,

- setting up the system center,

- structural cabling – fiber cabling,

- wireless network services,

- remote connection services,

- audio data solutions...

Data Center Management Solutions and Services: In the current business world, data centers are critically essential points; in addition, they are a little hard to manage. Due to high budget needs for the establishment, the data centers need an intensive planning and analysis in order to demolish the possible risks.

For the data center installations, Prodrom determines and installs the most suitable configuration system, consisting servers, storage systems, security and network systems for the changing needs of your company.

While offering suitable solutions by its experienced-expert staff; -evaluating the structure and development scenarios of your companyProdrom, enables you to gain a powerful data center which would be uncomplicated, user-friendly, cost-effective and ready to easily adopt for the changing market conditions. The system would have the data security, recovery and log management options as a standard.

Data Storage Solutions and Services: With the excessive increase of data and information in the current business world, data storage and security has become a highly important component. Despite the reduction in the costs of the storage expenses owing to the development of IT market; effective storage services and management strategies is still one of the major issues to be handled by the companies.

Prodrom aims to place the data storage and security expenses in an optimum level by facilitating the storage processes, offering heterogenic - simple storage architectures and effective management solutions. In this context,Prodrom offers you a cost-effective, easy to manage, secure storage and cloud technologies.


Prodrom team not only presents the solutions for today’s business life to you, but also creates systems by imagining the future and stays with you with the support and consulting services.