Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

Using the +procms content management system, your corporate web portal would be constantly up to date! 

Web and mobile applications of your establishment are the most important communication tools that should be managedattentively. In the current world in which technological necessities are rising and transfiguring, Prodrom has developed +procms content management system to support your needs in administrating the front face of your corporation. +procms content management system is a technology product which simplifies the management of your web and mobile applications, helps you share, the text, image, video and audio files with ease, facilitates you create your contents through various modules, allows different users to securely manage different sections with the qualitative authorization structures.

Authorized users can manage any detail of your corporate web portal or mobile applications according to the granted rights, they may easily create new products/services sections or they may be granted updating rights if desired.


+procms content management system offers various advantages for the management of your web and mobile applications. Some are as follows;

- Flexible Structure: +procms content management system presents a flexible structure to carry your web and mobile applications to future.


- User-Friendly Infrastructure: The delegated staff should only need a basic computer literacy. Through the +procmscontent management system, the administrator would easily manage your contents without software programming knowledge.

- Authorization: +procms content management system helps you easily grant the desired management rights to different users in a hierarchical structure.


- Security and Control: In order to prevent the possible mistakes that may emerge due to a misusage, +procmsperiodically backs up your content. Moreover, +procmspasses the web forms through a range of security checks for a secure withstanding against possible exterior attacks; perceives and logs the records of any threat by the contained attack detection and tracking modules. +procms takes precautions to ensure the highest system security with the new updates against emerging threads.

- Intentive Design: +procms content management system converts the management work to an entertaining processs with its user-friendly infrastructure.


- Developed Technical Substructures: +procms content management system offers various technical substructures such as, reaching the content through advanced search options, log viewing opportunity to follow the completed operations, analysis through rich statistics options and periodic archiving module to prevent data lose.

- Multi-language Support: +procms content management system provides the opportunity to publish your contents on web or mobile applications in different languages.


- Mobile Application Support: +procms content management system provides the opportunity to manage the contents of both your web portal and your mobile application all together through the same management panel.

- Social Media Integration Support: +procms content management system provides you the possibility to share your desired content over social media channels.


+procms content management system has a modular structure and includes the listed modules:

- Web Template Management Module: Manages your homepage and graphic infrastructure of your web portal.


- Menu Administration Module: Creates dynamic and hierarchical menus on your web portal.

- Page Management Module: Advance content editor, which constitutes rich contents under your menus.

- News and Announcement Management Module:Manages the news and announcements on your web portal.

- Production Management Module: Creates the categories and contents for your products.

- Photo Gallery Management Module: Helps you simply generate albums for the photos you would like to publish on your web portal.

- Video Gallery Management Module: Publishes your videos on your web portal, or shares the broadcasted ones from video portals.

- Document Management Module: Manages the documents that you wish to share with your users.

- Survey Management Module: Helps you get feedback/suggestions from the visitors of your web portal.

- E-Newsletter Management Module: Collects your users’ contact information and creates your newsletters with ease.

- Language Management Module: Creates your web and mobile applications in unlimited different languages and helps you edit if you like.

- Web Forms Management Module: Creates various web forms such as contact, human resources, suggestion forms… etc.

- Authority Management Module: +procms content management system helps you easily grant the desired management rights to different users in a hierarchical structure.

- Search Engine Optimization Module: Manages the applications of your web portal for the search engine sites like Google, AltaVista, Yandex, etc. and views the site hit statistics.

- Online Support Module: Enables you to help your users online.

- Special Modules: Prodrom’s experienced team can also create specific modules towards your company’s needs in +procms content management system.