Map Information Systems

Map Information Systems

Move your locations into the digital map information system; +promaps!

Maps were used to find the way since its discovery. Together with the development of internet technologies, the dimensions in the studies on maps have changed and the new map applications emerged, which could be used on the internet through GPS systems. One of the most important applications, oriented with the new generation technologies are geographic information systems. Prodrom developed the +promaps application to make sense of your locations. With the +promaps map information systems, maps are much more than finding the way. +promaps map information systems empowers your locations by viewing and giving the chance to navigate to your venues, companies, service points and other places of interest.

+promaps map information system offers various facilities such as;


- On the digital platform, you can visually include offices, convention centers, companies, factories, stations, restaurant & cafés… etc.; any physical place or service centers that you can imagine…

- You can point-out any location and sort them into different categories on your maps,


- The locations can include detailed information or description which can be dynamically added by the managers and clicking on the point, can be viewed by the users.

- You can put pinpoints on the map and create routes for navigating to the defined location,


- Can reach the desired location information with the skilled search tools,

- Through the user-friendly interface, you can update the locations or add new ones with ease,


- You can designate different icons or visuals for any specific coordinate or location on your map,

- +promaps map information system works on the Google Maps location service structures; thus, you will be using the most up to date maps constantly.

+promaps can be used at various foundations, establishments, institutions or corporations such as,


- Municipalities: Offering facilities for the citizens such as detailed city information, visualization and stations lookup for the urban transportation networks, analysis of highway traffic flow, viewing the highway tariffs, locating the important points like closest pharmacy or health centers and locating the service centers…

- City Centers: Descriptions and navigation possibilities for the historic and touristic places, locations of the government offices and public service centers, institutions, associations, schools, hospitals, pharmacies, police headquarters, hotels, historical monuments, touristic areas… etc.


- Universities: In-campus information, viewing faculties and departments, locations of the administrative offices, student union, social facilities, bus stops, ATM’s. Navigation possibilities from one point to another and viewing information and descriptive details about the specific locations.

- Trade Bodies (Chambers, Commdity Exchanges, Business Associations): Detailed information regarding the member companies and pinned locations of their factories or headquarters on the maps.


- Organized Industrial Zones: Sector based assortment for the companies located within the zone, detailed information about their products and services, contact details and GPS navigation facilities; all offered through the kiosk systems located at the entrance of the zones or on the web portals.

- Development Agencies: Detailed information about the current calls and information about the previously awarded grants, financial aids and commercial supports in regard to, date, region, grant type, sector or any other desired category listed on the maps.

- Hotels, Exhibition and Convention Centers: Share of information and location information details.


- Shopping Malls: Information and locations of the shops and public places.

- Other Places: Offering the interactive services specifically prepared.