Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage Solutions

“Life is easier” with the +prosign digital signage solutions!

 With the new developments regarding the digital screening technologies, Prodrom developed +prosign digital signage solutions systems for the enterprises to help them broadcast their services on interactive screens. With the aim of meeting the needs of your enterprise, +prosign signage products carries your services on interactive digital screens along with your corporate designs and suitable hardware options

Prodrom offers various examples which can be developed through desired applications through your needs such as,

Municipalities: Various processes and presentations including city information systems, services and information screening systems which can be managed from a central office.

City Centers: Interactive practices like historic and touristic information, regional introduction, social life and event announcements,

Colleges / Universities: Applications such as inner campus information systems, geographical information systems, interactive operations which can be managed from a central office.

Commercial Bodies: Services including introduction of the organization, presentation of services, member information systems,

Organized Industrial Zones: Applications such as member information systems, geographical information systems,

Public Transportation Vehicles: Information and advertising systems on all public transportation vehicles and their stations,

Hotels, Exhibitions and Congress Centers: Customer - participant information systems,

Shopping Malls: Customer information and guidance systems,

Others: Presentation of other desired interactive services.


+prosing digital signage applications offer modular structures which can be adopted to your corporate identity and needs, 
- City information systems, 
- Geographical information systems, 
- Events, news and announcement screenings, 
- Photographs and visuals, 
- Advertisements, 
- Corporate introduction videos, 
- Publications, 
- Reports, analysis or statistics, 
- Interactive screens in which you can share your corporate vision and events calendar.